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Discovery: Session 3, Week 3

Some learners have started making chocolate the most critical part! They put chocolate in the microwave for it to melt, then they put in filling in the chocolate, put the chocolates in molds, and put the deliciousness in the refrigerator!

The learners continued working on their coding and Robotics projects this week. Two Falcons have worked hard on a challenge they set for themselves: They wanted to program their Mbots to go out of the office, into the big hall, and then back to the library and the office.

For Civ this week, we learned about the Diaspora: the scattering of the Jews all over the Roman empire.

We spent one-hour playing in the snow every day and had so much fun digging tunnels and building forts.

For Genre, we heard the story about Ferdinand the bull and started our third story featuring an animal as the main character.

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