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Discovery: Session 3, Week 1

Discovery’s first week was exciting, productive, and challenging! For this session, the learners will be learning all about different energies and how they work. The first energy introduced was GravtiGravitationalSocraticonal Potential. Some interesting socratic questions Discovery discussed were, “How does gravity power a river?” How does gravity power snowboarding? Running? For the first challenge, the learners began creating a Marble Run. Some of the materials they used were tape, cardboard, paper rolls, and of course- teamwork! The goal was to defy gravity by making the marble go down the run within twelve to seventeen seconds. For next week, the learners will be doing an Egg Drop as they explore gravitational potential energy further.

For P.E., Discovery had to be indoors due to the weather. Because of this, the learners got to do indoor activities like Zumba, yoga, and strength training like fitness tests with push-ups, pulls ups and other physical movements. Some learners created competitions to make the activities more interesting.

For Writer’s Workshop, Discovery is creating a comic book on a science fiction topic that interests them the most! During their introduction, the learners had a deep and strong discussion. One of the questions they enjoyed the most was, “Who do you think is more creative: children or adults?” For the first step of their process, the learners explored the topics they were interested in, then find interesting facts about the topics. The learners even had the opportunity to share them with each other! For next week, the learners will have the opportunity to explore the website they will be working on and even create their own unique avatar!

Written by a Discovery learner

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