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Discovery: Session 3, Week 1

Hello Discovery parents, 

This week Discovery discovered the new Quest and the new Writers Workshop.  We also found out a new special called Garden.  We are excited to get a kind of indoor planter.  Our guide showed us a video all about the garden planter.  We went into Journey Tracker and got to look at the website and each of us picked out a plant that we are going to order and grow. Some chose herbs, others chose flowers. 

For WW it’s finally time to get a class pet!  In WW we will all chose the pet we want and write a script to convince the learners  to vote for their pet idea.  Then we will bring it up to council if council approves it, then discovery can finally get a pet.  The pet which can be anything thing from turtle to hamster and guine pig!

Quest was all about architecture so discovery learned a lot about measuring.  We started with a very simple measuring tape and we measured width, length and depth.  There was a treasure hunt where we needed to measure parts of the building, like the width of the big room sink.  After you complete the treasure hunt then you look at the top 50 most appealing buildings like the white house and many other buildings, not just houses also skyscrapers, then you find the one you like the most and then you say 3 things about why you like them and then you choose why you chose it out of all those buildings

Written by Discovery Learner

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