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Discovery: Session 3, Week 2

For the first time, Discovery’s special is all about the pinewood derby challenge! The learners first began by taking measurements of their wooden pieces to create their cars. To further explain, a pinewood derby is a race that includes wooden cars that you create from scratch. You can create your car any shape (as long as four wheels fit!), and can even be decorated to your liking. Because the cars have to be a certain weight, you can bake them in the oven to help make them less heavy!

For Writer’s Workshop, Discovery started to use Pixton for their sci-fi comic books. This is an online platform that is used to make comics of all types. The learners are choosing their own avatars, and create characters for their stories! Many learners have begun using the platform and chosen interesting topics like quantum physics, astronomy, chemistry, and nuclear energy.

On Tuesday, the learners had an engaging morning launch about boundaries. This discussion sparked Discovery in understanding each other’s “limits” and how having them can help them have more meaningful and healthy relationships with friends, family, and those around them. Some questions they discussed were, “What healthy boundaries have you set for yourself? What are some healthy boundaries that you know others have set with you?”

Written by a Discovery learner

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