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Discovery: Session 3, Week 3

This week in Quest, the Falcons began to explore Heat and Wind energy. One of the exciting challenges was Color Fusion, where you have cold water with blue food coloring and hot water with red food coloring. Then, you put the cold water on top of the hot water and then you mix and it becomes purple. But when you do the same thing with the hot water on top and the cold water on the bottom it does not mix. Discovery learned this happens because cold and hot water has different densities. Mind blown!

Once you explore heat, you move on to wind energy where you make your very own windmill and compete for whose mill can carry the most pennies when it spins.

This week in Writer’s Workshop, all the learners week were using Pixton to touch up their comic books. This application is to make our comics. The learners are so excited that some are already almost done! When you get to the end of your Writer’s Workshop comic book, you have to go through an approval process from a learner un in order to get your work approved. This allows the learners to get both “cold” and “warm” feedback and even improve their work.

On Friday, Discovery had a fun field trip to the trampoline park and a movie! This trip was fully earned by the learners in the last Session for every learner giving out 30 character callouts in one Session. Character callouts are a way for the learners to give each other uplifting compliments to each other and raise kindness in the studio, so much so that our slogan is, “Be the bigger person.”

Written by a Discovery learner


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