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Discovery: Session 3, Week 3

Hello, fellow parents of Discovery! 

During week three we did a new type of game! This is how to play: Take cards with random words on them ( We had charades cards but you can use normal paper) place them in a deck of as many as you want, next take 1 to how many people you would like, next take a card and place it on your forehead, after the people in front of you have to describe the word without saying the word!   We enjoyed this game and had a lot of fun.  It was pretty challenging!  

For Art this week we talked about how color theory is an important part of logos for sports teams and brands.  Then we made our own logos, not your normal type of logos, but our own creative logos made by learners! For art, you had 2 choices to make your logos, either sketch it out or use a logo generator, it’s pretty cool how it works! You write the name that you would like then write a slogan, after you choose the colors of the logo that you want! Then you choose the font, then find one of the million results it shows you!  We then worked on the colors and tried to think about which colors would work best.  

Now a little bit about Quest.  This week learners designed their own dream Acton School!  They were asked to think about how architects use their creative brain and their math brain.  We talked about if we would rather have a building be beautiful or functional. There were many designs that learners made, and I would say it's amazing! Also, learners used an architect's ruler to make measurements of their Acton! 

Thank you for reading this week's newsletter! Bye! 

Written by Discovery Learner

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