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Discovery: Session 3, Week 4

For Friday’s Quest, pairs decided if they wanted to work on the Mbots or Makey-Makey. Some learners started creating their robot-maze for the exhibition! Next week, we will do the Hackathon, which will take place on Friday from 6:00 to 10:00. In the Hackathon, the learners will make games using Scratch.

A new week, a new story for WW! This week the story needs to involve having superpowers or being a giant in a world of tiny people. Eithan shared his 3rd story about a cat named Koser in an animal world. Koser fell into a portal and landed in New York City… To be continued. Come back next week for the next story!

This week during art, the Falcons were working harder than ever to finish all their projects before the exhibition: Omri finished his Galaxy Painting, Eithan H, Omer, Lukas, and Eitan G are working on an among us Miniature House, Tommy, Colin, and Brenden are creating their Mini Resort, and much more! Written By: Tommy Meresse

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