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Discovery: Session 3, Week 4

This week during CIV, Discovery continued working on their Harriet Tubman puppet show. Discovery has a couple more weeks to finish! Some of Discovery continued with props and the other half of Discovery practicing for Scene One. For this session, the Falcons watched several videos and held somber discussions about Harriet Tubman, her journey as an enslaved African American and finding freedom for herself and those she could help.

During Quest, several of the learners were working on their wind turbines, others moved on to chemical reactions and the rest worked on making catapults. For the wind turbine, you have to make the fan part spin against anything that gives air, including a fan, an air conditioner or anything the learners can use to provide energy! The final challenge to the turbine is that the wind turbine must pick up a cup filled with coins. Some learners could place 15 coins! Lastly, for the chemical reactions, the learners must use a bottle in order to fill up the balloon with air with a chemical reaction. How cool!

On Thursday, Discovery had a launch about what school meant to them. First, they watched a video about other learners in a different Acton speaking on what school meant to them! While adding to the discussion, the learners were asked to rank what was they felt was important to them in school: being independent, the academics, or the social aspect of school. Many learners felt that academics was most important while others chose independence.

Written by a Discovery learner

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