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Discovery: Session 3, Week 4

Hello Discovery parents! 

This week, Discovery had art  For art this week we  had to design a room, either online on this website or on a coloring page. Some learners worked on making a whole house out of the pictures. We learned about how colors can make a room feel and make a room look. Some colors make rooms look big and open, like blue or green, and some colors make a room look smaller like oranges and reds. This is week four, so two more weeks until our color party! The only thing Marie told us that it involves cupcakes and frosting. 

For Quest,  some learners worked on their floor plan and some worked on their elevation plan. A few groups even started working on their models! Before we started our models we watched a video about how real architect’s models are built. I'm really excited to see how the models turn out! Some groups are pretty close to finishing their elevation plan, and some are starting to get close to the model phase! What I saw learners share looked pretty good!

In Writer’s Workshop we had to take polls of the whole studio to see who votes for the pet we want. There are so many different pets being pitched. Some learners want rabbits or mice, while others want corn snakes and chinchillas! On Thursday we got to writing our pitches that will be read at the exhibition. We can’t wait for you to hear all our hard work! 

In Civ we talked about the Intolerable Acts that happened after the Boston Tea Party. The colony of Massachusetts had a lot of their rights taken away, even the right to make their own laws and meet to talk about them. We discussed what freedom we would miss the most if they went away at Acton, the freedom to eat whenever we want, learn at our own pace, make our own contracts and have town hall, or be outside a lot. 

Today we are having a dance! It will be so much fun! We’ll have snacks, dancing, and much more! We are planning music activities and games to play, safe to say that it will be pretty fun!  Anyway bye!

Written by Discovery Learner

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