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Discovery: Session 3, Week 5

As the session comes close to an end, Discovery is occupied with making the final touches on their Comic Books for Writer’s Workshop. Once the learners finish creating their comics, they go through a critique or approval process where other learners provide warm and cold feedback to help edit and show excellency through their work! For the comic books, they will be participating in a special editing portion where instead of pairs, they will come together as a community of editors to help critique and edit their comics.

For quest, the learners are enjoying exploring the last energy learn - Elastic Potential! This involves creating catapults of different forms and difficulty levels. Many learners enjoyed working on their own while others worked with their squad. For a bonus challenge, the learners will be testing their challenge zone by creating a mousetrap car that will use elastic potential!

During Special, the learners participated in an outstandingly fun pinewood derby race! The learners started the session by creating the proper measurements needed to create the most aerodynamic car they could. This was followed by cutting out the form of the wood using carpentry materials like saws, clamps, and wood sanders. Once they created the shapes, the learners decorated their cars and hammered in the wheels. Once their cars were ready, they got to racing! Whose car was the most aerodynamic?

Written by Discovery learners


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