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Discovery: Session 3, Week 5

Dear Parents,

This week Discovery had Art, Civ, Quest, Garden, Writers Workshop, and a hero visit. During Art this week the learners chose between a small, medium, and large canvas. The challenge was to create a painting that showed a strong emotion. 

For Garden Special learners chose to color an easy flower coloring page or a hard one.  Then Marie gave out a flower and a pepper to cut into and draw. When they finished they added some water to their plant and checked their other plant from the Lettuce Grow machine 

Now for the hero visit who is a very talented architect. Her name is Kenia. Our learners asked her about her career and how she became an architect. She designed Marie’s house which was surprising to hear! Kenia showed the learners her website that has some architectures that she designed herself that were very beautiful.

During Quest a lot of learners have been progressing and have been turning their drawings of their buildings into reality by using a lot of cardboard, chipboard and different arts and crafts materials. Some learners even used small erasers to make tiny chairs! 

This Writers Workshop our learners have finished their pitches and are beginning to pitch them to the studio. Some learners' pitches even have the potential to be in exhibition but only one pitch will become a reality.

Written By Discovery Learner

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