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Discovery: Session 3, Week 6

This week in robotics, the learners continued working on their maze for the Mbots. They worked hard to fix all the codes making the Mbot go through their mazes perfectly. Other learners focused on coding, making different music videos and games.

On Friday, we had Philip coming for a hero’s visit to share his journey as a coder in the high-Tech industry.

This week we wrapped up our Writer’s Workshop. This time, there was no new story, and the Falcons made covers using Canva! The learners who finished their 5th story and body were able to publish their short story collection and get the milestone!.

This exhibition was one of our best yet. The parents were divided into different stations where learners showed their short stories and art projects. One of the stations also included a conundrum where parents got to experience what learners do every Wednesday. Learners work on their reasoning and debating skills to share their points of view as they express their opinion on a conundrum.

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