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Discovery: Session 3, Week 6

During Quest this week, some of Discovery finished the final touches on their catapults (a catapult is part of Elastic Potential Energy). At the same time, the other half of Discovery worked on creating mouse trap cars also Elastic Potential Energy, which was the last of their Quest challenges. While working on the mousetrap car, the learners had to carefully maneuver a real mouse trap in order for the vehicle to work! The learners had to figure out how to make it function with the energy powered by the trap. Go Discovery!

For our very last Special, the learners had their Pinewood Derby competition! The learners got to racing on a track constructed by one of the guides, the energy was high and the learners were excited to see who had the most aerodynamic model. The learners raced against each other and there was a final touchdown with one car winning! In addition, they also had a competition to see who had the best design!

As Discovery got the end, they carefully prepared for the exhibition by crafting videos of all the work that they had completed over the last six weeks. For CIV, the learners had a special puppet show on the story of Harriet Tubman. Each squad had a scene to complete and a stage to create. Excitedly, the learners dove into their roles and prepared a short story showcasing Harriet’s journey to freedom as an African American slave. For Quest, the learners enjoyed recording their challenges with their Quest squads and finally made a short video to showcase for the exhibition.

Written by a Discovery learner


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