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Discovery: Session 3, Week 6

Dear Parents,

This week Discovery had Art,Civ, Writers Workshop, P.E., Quest, and Garden.

During Art this week the learners had a fun color party. Learners were broken into groups and each group had a color. They could choose to come in the color they are assigned to. At the party, first the learners had color trivia and the first group who got 2 points would get to choose a room. Each group would make colors for cupcakes that they would eat later. A lot of them ended up looking very nice. The last main activity was to decorate a person in your team’s color. Each group would choose a person to decorate. Some of them looked pretty funny and awesome. To end our color party our learners would dance a little bit before cleaning up.

This quest builds are progressing and our learners are working very hard to complete it since it is the exhibition this week.  Learners have had a great time turning their designs into 3d models.  Many learners added little details and used extra materials.  The projects looks very good.

For Writers Workshop our learners have finished their pet pitches and got their milestones. Many of our learners would want to share with the studio. If a pet is chosen, one of our learner’s families would have to take it home if they agreed to for breaks and weekends. The discovery studio voted on the top 5 learners who deliver their speech during the exhibition and only one of the five learners' pitches may become a reality.

 On Thursday we had the Discovery exhibition. The learners shared their work and projects with the parents. The learners voted for their pet from the five learner’s pitches.  

Written By Discovery learner

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