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Discovery: Session 4, Week 1

Dear Parents,

This week we started our new session where we were introduced to our new WW, Quest, and HR ( Home Room ) 

Let’s kick this new newsletter off with HR’s!

There are two new groups for circle and workspaces!

Discovery North & South! In North we have Game Room and Maker Space and South with Small Room and Big Room! South has circles in Big Room while North has circles in Game Room. Discovery learners stay with our new groups for work, core skills, quest, and WW. 

Now to get to WW And cut to the chase. We are making a podcast this WW.  To prepare we  are analyzing different podcasts for inspiration and reference! We are currently listening to podcasts of our choice from a pre-selected list made by our lovely guides at this point in time! 

We have just started on WW, but now let’s start talking about Quest!

This Quest we are doing ( what we call) the Acton Athens! In our Quest we are studying Greek mythology and learning about Greek gods and history. Each week we are working with a bingo board where we can complete challenges, get points, and learn history! 

The Points can be used by the end of the session in a marketplace as we’ve heard. 

Now for a quick mention of Special! Our special this session is space! We are going to study and answer our questions on space! Some of us picked blackholes, some stars, some planets! These are all very interesting But we can all agree that we have been working tenaciously and diligently

Tune into next week to hear the updates, work, and events coming up for this session!

Written By Discovery learners

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