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Discovery: Session 4, Week 2

This week the learners had a few intellectually stimulating discussions. During one morning launch, learners discussed how much responsibility they should have when waking up in the morning and preparing their meals. Some learners shared that these tasks are solely the responsibility of parents because they are in charge of what they do in their lives. Others shared how they set their alarm and make their food. These learners shared that the primary person responsible for their lives is not their parents but themselves. It gave many of the learners lots to think about when it comes to how much they are in charge of their own lives and how much they should be in charge of their own lives.

Quest was filled with a few activities this week, including making their own mystery story, completing an Escape Room, and learning all about fingerprinting. Many of the learners mastered their fingerprint analysis skills and have found a fingerprint left by the suspect at the crime scene. They are beginning to narrow down the criminal from the three suspects.

On Thursday we had an INCREDIBLE Heroes’ Visit with Tom and Lilka Areton!

Tom and Lilka are successful entrepreneurs who co-founded Cultural Homestay International (CHI), a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges. Tom and Lilka talked with the Falcons about what they’ve learned over the past 40 years as successful business owners.

Lastly, learners created their musical instruments this week. They started by making a simple instrument, either a morocco, tambourine, or pan flute. Afterward, they created a guitar or piano, which were more complicated to make. Ask your child what they made and if they learned to play a song on the instruments they made.

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