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Discovery: Session 4, Week 2

Only three weeks left for this session! Does anyone else feel like this session is flying by? Smoothies, fruit salads, and other activities are written, made, or worked on. It’s hard to imagine what these learners can get done within a week.

Learners had a morning launch about Empathy this week and how important it is when it comes to relationships. They shared some of their best friends who make them feel safe and open to listening and supporting them. Most learners loved that when they shared something serious, the other person would mostly listen, while a few learners shared that they like to get advice. Some learners were challenged to listen more if they liked to talk, and others were challenged to open up and share more if they didn’t open up too much.

For Civ, we read about Marco Polo and the forbidden city of Ming. We had an exciting discussion about whether or not a leader needs to have experience in leadership.

This week learners were working on cooking again! They made fruit salads and smoothies. Many learners showed courage by trying fruits they had never tried before. They also learned to cooperate and compromise different recipes.

The learners made much progress in solving the case of the missing files. Make sure to ask your child who they now think is the criminal :).


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