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Discovery: Session 4, Week 2

This week during Game Design Quest, Discovery worked on creating their own luck-based board game to go with their spinning wheel. The learners created these on poster boards and some chose to use Canva to create virtual boards that they can then print. After their creations, the learners began to get feedback in order to get their games approved. For this process, the learners must have at least two other learners play their game and give “warm” and “cold” feedback. At the beginning of Quest launches, the learners get to play games online or physically to compare and contrast during discussions. A part of their discussions included questions like,“If you were to make a new skill game from scratch, what would be the most important way to make it fun and engaging so people want to play?

a)create a good design that people like

b)add more players so that you can play with whoever you’d like

c)allow players to see their progress (like points and getting rewards as you improve)”

During Writer’s Workshop, the learners eagerly worked on their podcasts/interviews. To begin, they explore their topics by making research papers. This is then followed by a paper they use to brainstorm to plan their debate or interview.

For Specials, Discovery created plushies! This exciting challenge began by making pillows to get familiar with sewing and using a thread and needle. Once the learners finished their pillows, they had the choice of making a bear or Minecraft plushie. How fun!

Lastly, for CIV, the Falcons were working on their research on historical heroes. The first challenge was to pick the hero that they wanted to do their research on. Then the learners moved on to their second challenge which included finding sources to learn more about their heroes! Some of these historical heroes that they chose include, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla,Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton!

Written by a Discovery learner

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