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Discovery: Session 4, Week 2

Dear Parents, 

This week Discovery had Art , CIV, Writers Workshop, P.E., Quest, Townhall, and Special. Our Discovery is split into Discovery North And South. Each part of Discovery has a different schedule, but we do the same things during the week and then sometimes we are all together.  

This week we elected our members from the Discovery council.  There are 2 learners from Sparks, Discovery, and Journey.  The council will be in effect until the end of the year.

 Art this week learners would make art by using the element of Space. Some learners choose to make art using 1 point perspective.  Other created work inspired by the artist Rene Magritte and others made are of their choice. The projects were coming out very nicely. 

For Special it is Space and learners were learning about planets, dwarf planets,stars,and constellations. Our learners have learned about the shapes of the constellations. It would either be a hero or a Zodiac sign. 

In CIV our learners played a game using their Chromebooks to learn history and explore different thoughts during the american revolution.  In P.E. Learners did many different activities.

Today Discovery made a salad using lettuce and herbs we grew ourselves in our Lettuce Grow garden system.  Our learners added their own ingredients too.  Everyone enjoyed their salads.  

This Quest learners have been making Greek Projects. A Lot of them look very nice. Some of our learners have been making clay sculptures of their Greek Gods. After our learners complete a challenge they would get coins to use for the exhibition soon.

For Writers Workshop our learners would make podcasts for writers workshop milestones. Many of our learners are still on their brainstorming paper. Some of our learners were doing debates, interviews, or a topic that they would like.  It will be fun to listen to the podcasts.

Written By Discovery learner


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