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Discovery: Session 4, Week 3

Dear Parents, 

This week Discovery had many exciting things like Quest, WW, a field trip, art, and special (Space).  This newsletter will be covering the field trip, WW, and quest. 

For our field trip, Discovery went to the Fieldhouse owned by one of our learners' parents.  The Fieldhouse is filled with sports like volleyball, soccer, football, basketball and many more.  We had 1 hour for organized activities, then 1 hour of free time which you could eat just hang around and talk to your friends or play sports then Discovery came back. 

For Quest this week Discovery continued working on Acton Athens.  The idea of Acton Athens is to learn about different cultures and their beliefs.  Like life in Greece and how they feel about music (which they love) and how they were very creative with “instruments”  before real instruments were ever made.  Also how in Athens they fought for democracy and also that slaves and women were not able to vote or have the same rights as men that aren’t slaves.

For WW this session discovery has a podcast. Podcast WW has many parts -  research, which is where we listen to podcasts and fill out a question sheet.  Then brainstorming which is really just getting ideas and feedback for the ideas. The last task before writing the script is planning where you plan your entire podcast and make sure there are no unwanted surprises.  Then you write your script and get feedback for it based on the ending, middle, and beginning and also specific warm and cold feedback.  After that you can record your podcast with a website called soundtrap you can add music in your podcast with soundtrap.  We are excited to hear everyone’s podcast. 

Written By Discovery learner

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