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Discovery: Session 4, Week 4

The week started with a morning discussion about the importance of trust in relationships. The learners were asked, “Is it important to freely trust other people until they break your trust, or should you not trust anyone until they have proven they can be trusted.” This led to different learners discussing how it’s essential to form trust before opening up to another person. However, at the same time, it’s hard to make friends without first being open and vulnerable with the other person.

Learners had music again this week. Some learners learned to sing a song with another learner, others made beats on Soundtrap, and a few are still making their guitar and piano with some power tools. With all these different options for music, everyone is excited to share their excellent creations exhibition.

We can talk about a lot more, but we have to talk about our hero’s visit, Sandhya. Sandhya worked for scholastic and started her podcast where she connects children with professional authors to share and tell stories. She gave great ideas to the learners for their podcasts and shared the journey that got her to this point.

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