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Discovery: Session 4, Week 4

For Writer’s Workshop, Discovery began making the final touches to their scripts to start recording! The learners get to practice their lines before recording, and finally, they record in a private room for optimal quality. They included many exciting features including music, background sounds, and special guests.

For Quest, many learners had the opportunity to play each other’s mazes. Some of the creations were challenging, while others were fun and had unique designs to allure more learners to play! In addition, the learners explored arcade games this week with the next challenge of making a game of their choice: “Pop a Shot” and “Pinball “Machine.”

For CIV, the majority of learners started to complete all five challenges to create their posterboards! The learners had to do research on an inventor of their choice and learn about their hero’s journey. After they complete this, they will create a poster board on all that they have learned. Moreover, the learners had a highly engaging launch, “if you were to create something that would help heal millions of people, would you price it really expensive or would you give it at a low cost?

For Special, Discovery took their talents to the next level by adding more details to their plushies! These details include more complex designs, like a pan with a fried egg, cutting out complex shapes and being able to sow the shapes and designs. After the learners create their plushies, they receive warm and cold feedback from other learners on how they can improve on their designs.

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