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Discovery: Session 4, Week 4

Dear Parents, 

Hello, wanted to know about the week? Then let's get started!  During this week we had art. For art, we are learning about the elements of art and this week we learned about the element of “Shape”.  For the launch we talked about types of shape groups, like geometric and organic, then the guide asked the question: what group of shapes do you like more?  Some learners painted ( some with different materials ) and some drew and some finished up their things from last week.

Going into quest- as you may know, it is a bit different.  For quest, there is a gameboard and you choose what to do from the options. There are many options like making a Greek god, having a Socratic smackdown, and making things that they had back then. A Socratic smackdown is when there is a judge and you get asked questions and get asked your opinion about it.

For Podcast W.W. this week, learners began to record! There are many different types of podcasts ranging from debate, all the way to topics of interest. Some learners were getting feedback and some were finishing up their script! We had a heroes visit this week, during this heroes visit, we were given feedback, we asked questions, and had fun! That's all for the week bye!!

Written By Discovery learner


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