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Discovery: Session 4, Week 5

This week, Discovery learners had a launch about charities and service projects done in third-world countries. The learners discussed questions such as, “Which is a better way to help people in third-world countries... to provide them with a service like building school, or to give them money directly?” One learner talked about how it’s better to provide a service, but only if that service is something that the people are saying that they need, while another made the point that if charities are just providing services that they think the third-world country needs, then it would be better to just to give them the money. Most shared that they think it’s better to provide a service, but a few shared that just giving them money is the best thing to do because they will know the best ways in which to solve their own problems.

All the learners went to High Exposure this week. As their 33-year-old Guide, I was inspired by their fearlessness to climb the vast towers and encouragement towards one another to keep on taking just one more step. Their attitude of being enraptured in all of the excitement, and their mindset of knowing that they can do anything (without focusing on “What if I fall?” or “This is too scary!”) amazed me.

As this session draws to an end, the learners are focusing on creating an “Escape Room” experience for their parents. They have been coming up with stories and creating puzzles that you will soon be solving. Hopefully, you haven’t been skipping out on your Sudoku... because you will be tested!

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