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Discovery: Session 4, Week 5

For Quest, most falcons were either working on finishing their virtual games on scratch or their maze game so they could go on the field trip on Monday. If you finished the requirements, you were either working on your basketball, pinball, or card game.

Now, in WW most of the falcons were recording their podcast or getting feedback from other learners. We also had a hero's visit on Friday where someone named Zen from the late-night podcast on iHeart RadioI came to talk to Discovery to talk about her podcasting journey. The learners also have two podcast competitions, the first is the NPR competition which Discovery competes with other young learners around the country and has the chance to win one hundred dollars! The other is an Acton competition, where you have the chance to also win one hundred and be a special guest on Zen’s late-night podcast!

For CIV, most falcons were working on the last touches on their inventor poster boards. On the boards, the learners added facts, about me, and challenges about the inventor they chose at the start of the session. The rest worked on finishing and received approval. In order to get approval, some questions the learners were asked were, “How did you improve from the last board you created? How does it compare to a world-class example?”

Written by a Discovery learner

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