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Discovery: Session 4, Week 5

Dear Parents, 

This week learners continued working on Writer’s Workshop. Some learners worked on brainstorming their podcast and while others started to record! We used either Soundtrap or Canva for this. Some Falcons even got their milestone for Writer’s Workshop approved for their badge. This podcast will be a chance for the learners to get on NPR! ( National Public Radio). Each year they host a podcast competition and many learners choose to enter! We are working VERY hard to finish our podcasts.

Moving onto Quest! Learners continued working on the gameboard. The guides even added a new challenge, creating a sundial! A sundial is how they used to tell time in ancient Greece using the sun. Learners also worked on socratic smack downs and continued debating each other on many topics. The learners were very excited to find out that the coins we earn through this quest will turn into Falcon Bucks at the end of the session. Every ten coins is one Falcon Buck!

Moving to special, some learners organized a space party for the end of the session. Learners gave ideas in the launch of Space Special and discussed it at town hall. The council approved it and even gave us a budget of one hundred dollars! The party will probably be happening in the last week of session six. 

The Discovery Exhibition committee is working really hard to plan a fun exhibition for the end of this session. Earlier this week we got to preview the exhibition committee’s plan and give them feedback on how it's going so far. We are all really excited to show you our exhibition next Thursday!

I hope you enjoyed reading the discovery newsletter! Bye!


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