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Discovery: Session 4, Week 6

In Discovery Studio, this week has primarily been about wrapping up Session 4 and preparing for the end-of-session exhibition.

On Monday, we had one launch where learners discussed, “What makes a good squad leader?” Some learners shared that having someone who is tough-minded and who holds them accountable is what they appreciate in the long run. Others shared that being paired with someone kind and warm-hearted encourages them to keep going and helps them feel supported. Finally, those who had been Squad Leaders shared what they had learned from the experience and what skills can be gained from serving in this role. Of course, a big part of wrapping up the session is preparing for the end-of-session exhibition. If you’re a parent who participated in the learners’ escape-room activity, you might have had mixed feelings about the whole experience. However, the learners loved setting it up and putting their best efforts into designing that experience for you. As imperfect as it may have been, it came from the learners and I find that imperfection beautiful. The same goes for the podcast topics that the Falcons chose. For example, having young people talk to an audience about “poop” isn’t something most schools would allow; however, the freedom that AABC learners have here is unique.

The week ended with learners reflecting upon the exhibition and making sushi. They watched a YouTube video on preparing and making sushi, cut up some vegetables, and went to work. It was a delicious way to end this session

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