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Discovery: Session 4, Week 6

Dear Parents, 

This week we had our exhibition In Discovery.  In our exhibition, we shared all about the past session.  We did a trivia and a team-building game and shared the winners of WW and more.  We also finished our podcast and shared who won the contest.  All were amazing and the winner of the podcast competition was Marcos and Jeph who made a podcast about tornadoes. Good job Marcos and Jeph! As we said in the exhibition everyone got their coins and everyone was excited to get their Falcon Bucks for Quest.  Besides that we had a space party on Friday. For the party we first had a Kahoot all about space then we split into groups and we all did our solar system in every group. After that we had to vote for the solar system that was the best.  Earlier in the day we also did a Spring Party. First we had stations and every station we had something new like a scavenger hunt,  bird houses and more.  We a bunch of more stuff.  We also have a new north and south and we have voted who we wanted to be our next squad leader. We also can change our plant from the lettuce grow system ( I call it Legs but who cares).  Everyone was doing great in core skills.  But yeah that’s what we did this session so thank you if you were reading this and have a great spring break.

Written by a Discovery learner


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