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Discovery: Session 5, Week 1

The long-awaited E-Ship Quest has finally arrived!

To launch the quest, we had two Hero Visits this week. The first was Discovery Guide Ray’s brother, Sunny, who talked about his journey of being an entrepreneur. At the age of 8, Sunny started buying candy in bulk at a discount and then selling it for profit. As he became a bit older, he took on snow shoveling and selling glow sticks on July 4th. That then grew into flipping cars (Turo) and buying and renting out properties (Airbnb). He also shared about his 7-year-old son and how he has been helping him to become an entrepreneur, which sparked a lot of our own learners’ ideas. The second was Chrissy Peterson, who spoke to learners about being a chiropractor.

The learners were also introduced to art and/or music this week as part of this session’s Special. Some learners made realistic snakes from clay, while others chose to make their own beats and lyrics.

For science/engineering, the learners began creating a course for ping pong balls to travel without stopping. They have begun developing creative ideas using funnels and angled slopes to meet their objective.

Lastly, the Writer's Workshop for this session will be memoirs. The learners will be crafting and sharing meaningful personal memories (up to this point in their lives). As part of this, the Falcons created a Mind Map of themselves; they enjoyed the process a lot.

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