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Discovery: Session 5, Week 1

On their first week back, Discovery began their Session with Entrepreneurship Quest. Short for E-ship, the learners will be learning about expenses. For their first challenge, they were asked to purchase a Tesla car on their website. They were to design their dream car online and figure out how much it cost if they were to pay the total in cash, get a lease, or a loan. Some other things they were introduced to was the concept of down payment, interest, and other components of loans and leases.

For Writer’s Workshop, Discovery will be making videos about their personal journey for their businesses. The learners began by exploring fun facts about themselves, and activities that they enjoyed doing outside of school to share in their videos.

For Special, Discovery embarked on Chocolate Making. You guessed it, they made chocolate! This special is all about creating a product, a business plan, and advertising to sell to the public. To create the product, the learners learn how to make chocolate with different kinds of chocolate, toppings, and fillings. The business plan includes a proposal where the learners are asked questions like, “How much will it cost to make each chocolate bar and how much can you sell it for?” and, “What expenses will you have for your plan?.” In addition, the learners will create their own logo design and choose a wrapper of their likings like chocolate bar bags to seal, truffle boxes, and small foil wrappers. To advertise their product, the choices include creating a radio ad, a flyer or brochure, or a commercial.

For CIV, the Falcons started their week exploring pre-Columbian civilizations of the Aztecs and the Mayans. For their introduction, the learners got to pick a topic of their choice in either group to create an infographic. Some of the topics include Mayan Architecture, Aztect Literature, etc. For their second challenge, the learners began to do some further research on their topics.

Written by a Discovery learner

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