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Discovery: Session 5, Week 3

We are halfway through the session, which means we only have three more weeks until the Children's Business Fair!

This week the learners walked to a local manufacturing factory (Elgen), where Zoe's dad is the CEO. They had the opportunity to see how big companies operate when making decisions. Specifically, they saw how products are made, from basic materials to the final product. They also had the opportunity to do some hands-on learning by packaging some sealant, which helped them understand how an assembly line works.

During one morning launch, the learners evaluated some of the ways they could help to make this school more of their "dream" school. After much discussion, they voted for two things:

1) having an environment where learners help each other to be more focused, and

2) having an environment where learners build meaningful and helpful relationships with each other.

They then shared their ideas on how they could improve upon making those two objectives things that everyone practices.

For Engineering this week, the learners had an airplane contest. They started with a launch about who deserves the credit for creating the first airplane. Then they made multiple airplane designs until they made one that could fly a long distance. Finally, the activity ended with throwing the planes in the parking lot and seeing who had the best method. (Tip: Ask your Falcon how their airplane did.)

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