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Discovery: Session 5, Week 5

This week we had a morning launch about leadership during which we discussed the question, “Who is your favorite leader?” It was fascinating to hear all of the dramatically different answers. Many learners talked about public figures (e.g., Elon Musk, Olympic Champion Caleb Dressel), while others spoke of their parents, and the remainder mentioned people like their Guides, coaches, and even Squad Leaders. This led to an interesting discussion about how someone can be perceived as a great leader.

For E-ship this week, some of the learners made a short commercial inviting the Mayor of Closter to AABC’s upcoming Children’s Business Fair (May 21st). The learners voted for their favorite commercial and then sent it to the Mayor. Only time will tell if the video inspires the Mayor to come!

This week was also the end of the three-week Engineering Competition. Many learners chose to build structures that would have a ping-pong ball roll down in the most extended amount of time. Lots of great designs were built, but there was only one winner. Of course, this made many people sad and frustrated. Still, it was a great learning experience for the learners to push each other competitively and learn about prototyping and the whole engineering process.

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