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Discovery: Session 5, Week 6

This week started with Discovery learners promoting the Children's Business Fair. They made flyers for the event and went around town asking local businesses if they could put up their flyers in their shops. The learners practiced different scenarios they might encounter and practiced their pitches with each other. Then the learners went into each store either in pairs or as a small group of three to see if they could persuade the owners to permit them to advertise for the Children’s Business Fair. Almost every store approached was excited to help and allowed the learners to put up their flyers. One store even gave all the learners a bunch of candy.

Many of the learners also finished their Music or Art project this week. Some of the learners performed a rap with beats that they made, while others showcased choreographed dance routines or art pieces.

On Thursday, AABC hosted Stephanie Meininger for a hero’s visit. She is an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses in her life and currently owns six businesses. She shared her successes, failures, and lessons learned. The learners shared with her what they were doing at the Business Fair, and Stephanie advised them on how they could take it to the next level, which was awesome.

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