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Discovery: Session 5, Week 6

On their last week of the session, Discovery finished working on their Quest challenges to prepare for their Business Fair this Saturday! This included making final touches on their posters and going downtown Closter to promote their businesses by hanging flyers around the neighborhood. As a final step, the learners made video ads to help promote their business even further.

For Writer’s Workshop, the Falcons worked on creating their third and last video to meet their milestone for Writer’s Workshop. In addition, the videos include a generous amount of editing and creative ways to market their products. In order to get approved, during a discussion, the learners take a group vote on whether a video should get approved or not by the greater majority. If the video is not approved, the learner has the choice to get feedback on how to improve for the next time.

On Friday, the learners got to enjoy a Chocolate Party! The learners got to package their handmade chocolates, add their logos and enjoy their creations with the rest of Discovery.

Written by a Discovery learner

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