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Discovery: Session 5, Week 6

Hello Discovery Parents,

This week for special we finally finished making our chocolate and we could finally eat our chocolate at the chocolate party.  Everyone was eating like a monster but some just did not eat the chocolate at all. Wow. Everyone liked the chocolate that they made except some people, but overall it was amazing. 

This week for “WW” we had our open mic, where almost everyone was there to share or listen to their poems. We had a mic and speakers and everyone loved it. 

This week we also had 360 degree feedback.  We spent our core skills on this and after that we all shared a piece of feedback that we thought was helpful and shared that piece of feedback to everyone (it could be cool or warm feedback).  

We also voted for the new squad leaders for the next session. A lot of people wanted to be squad leaders.  Almost everyone on GC (growing curiosity) is finished with their quest for the next session but some still need to do more work to finish their quest. This week we also worked really hard in studio maintenance. It was a challenge and everyone was so tired after so much cleaning.  And the last thing for this week is that we have new clubs for the next session and there could be a club that your learner likes and they can join. 

On Friday we will go to Alpine Camp.  Then on Saturday we will have our Business Fair!  We are all excited to see how it goes for everyone and what everyone has been working on.  

Written by a Discovery learner

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