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Discovery: Session 6, Week 1

This week in AABC, the Falcons had some new encounters with

  • A new Falcon who joined us for tryouts

  • A fantastic quest that Colin and Zohar made for Growing Curiosity.

  • A cool new Writers Workshop about our favorite heroes!

Quest this session will be Growing Curiosity Quest. The Falcons who are moving onto the journey (which this year are Zohar, Colin, Oren, Mia J, and Brenden) make their quests in pairs or by themselves. This week, Colin and Zohar created the quest, an Archaeology quest. The learners broke geodes, found crystals, and discovered artifacts. On Tuesday, they broke geodes and found rare and common crystals. Amethyst is rare, Tiger's Eye is common, and there were a bunch of other cool crystals. On Wednesday, they got big gemstone kits and found Amethyst gems, Aragonite, and more cool gems. The learners were very excited about this challenge, especially keeping the treasures.

In the Writers Workshop Hero’s Museum, Falcons have to choose a hero and write a biography and a speech about that hero. This week we worked on the brainstorming papers about five heroes we are interested in. This is the last Writers Workshop of the year and maybe the most complex.

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