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Discovery: Session 6, Week 1

Hello parents/learners of discovery, 

I’m writing this from Acton Academy of Bergen County straight to you! Now let's get started. During this week, the first week of session six, for quest, we started Growing Curiosity! Growing Curiosity is when learners moving up- (or close to moving up) to journey, get to make a quest! For this week all GC ( Growing curiosity) learners lead activities together! We had launches and team-building games.  One of the games included making balloon houses, animals, and even balloon humans!  Everyone had a lot of fun.  

Now shifting over to Writer’s Workshop! For Session 6 writers workshop, learners get to choose what they wanted to do! They had four options! 1. Songwriting! Write your own song about how it is to be in discovery! 2. News! Write and film a News Show about discovery! 3. Discovery times! A newspaper to be handed out at graduation! And last but not least 4! Which is working independently on the Night Zookeeper platform!  For this you work on writing, make monsters, and write descriptions!

In conclusion, this week was great! We played, had fun, and hung out!

We also had a special where we got to make a memory book out of what happened this year, our favorite things, and more! Our other special is geography where we are exploring each of the continents.  We are all excited for Session 6.  Have a nice week bye!

Written by a Discovery learner

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