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Discovery: Session 6, Week 2

Discovery's second week of their last session began with Growing Curiosity Quest. In this session, the learners who are on the road to Journey lead Quest. For a week, the learners present their challenges, launches, and reflections to the rest of the studio. For this week, the learners had a Chemistry Quest where they did chemical reactions. Many of these included household items like baking soda, soda bottles, lemons, and vinegar.

For Art, the learners took on a discussion about how to improve their experience with Art in the studio. Brought up by one of the learners, the majority voted that they felt having a freedom of choice when it came to creating art was important especially if they wanted to create masterpieces!

As for their last CIV of the year, the learners began exploring medieval times by creating STEM models of major inventions from the Middle Ages. The learners are to do research, recreate these models, and reflect on their projects at the end. One example is a Gold Mine Machine. The learners use materials like metal mesh, small cups, tin foil, and gravel to make their projects.


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