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Discovery: Session 6, Week 2

Hello parents, learners, or anyone who may come across this Newsletter for Acton Academy of Bergen County, this Newsletter will go over what learners did this week and what work they completed.

For Monday, all learners grouped up in Big Room for Town Hall, picking and choosing what rules they want to pass. Town Hall is completely run by learners, we have a list of who is in charge and each week it changes.  Next was DEAR, a period where learners spend their time reading a book and/or going to the library down the street to pick one up.  The learners followed the regular routine for the day until Quest came up which was Growing Curiosity, Lukas and Logan were leading Pet Quest, where learners researched their dream pet and built the animals' habitats/enclosures.  We worked on this Quest Monday, as I said, Thursday and Friday.  On Friday everyone shared their enclosures and we voted for our favorite.  

For Tuesday, learners did a Memory Book Special or Geography Special. In Geography Special learners researched and learned about the main continents like Asia, or Europe. Learners then shared what they learned with each other.  

This session for WW, is Choose your own Adventure. There were options on what to do ranging from a news report to writing a song. Giving different requirements for the milestone which contributes to learners' badges.  There are lots of things happening in WW and you will see some of them at graduation!

For Wednesday, it was an important day. The Acton Olympics. Where other Actons versed each other with physical activities and sports.   The Olympics were exciting and not as hot as we worried it would be!  Most of the Discovery learners competed in different games and activities, and a lot of the other learners cheered them on.  Some learners decorated their arms or even their faces with AABC.  Some learners and teams won their events!  It was overall a fun time.  

Written by a Discovery learner

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