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Discovery: Session 6, Week 3

This week we had survival skills in the Growing Curiosity Quest. The learners who were in charge of the quest gave two options. Make a shovel and spear or go around the woods and look for three edible plants and three non-edible plants.

There was a lot of preparation for the Acton Olympics this week. For Art, learners made flags and fun signs to use during the Olympics. For PE, learners worked on teamwork and devised strategies for how they could do their best during the Olympics. There were a few morning launches to mentally prepare the learners to be the best competitors for the Olympics, whether they lost or won.

The Acton Olympics started with Tug of War. The winner for Sparks tug of war was Acton Morristown. Discovery ended up coming in second place, with Morristown again winning. Afterward, we had the running races, and Discovery took first in the relay race. The Bridge Hold and Boat Hold competitions were next, and Discovery won first and second. Journey won the soccer matches, and Discovery won the Kickball matches. Verona hosted a nice BBQ with hot dogs, burgers, chips, and other snacks. Volleyball did not go too well for AABC, with Verona winning all their matches. Then Acton Olympics ended with Sack Races and the Plank Hold, which AABC did very well. In the end, it was announced that Bergen won first place, beating Morristown by one point.

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