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Discovery: Session 6, Week 3

This week was the ACTON OLYMPICS! There were a lot of activities including bridge, plank, kickball, soccer, tug-of-war, short sprint, and long run! Discovery and Sparks played on the playground at the beginning of the day. The other competing teams were Acton Verona, Acton Morristown, and Thrive. Once everyone arrived, the opening ceremony began which started the competition! There was Chipotle for lunch and everyone helped to clean up. Everyone had a great time because AABC won!

For Art this week, Discovery had the choice to create their own projects with a worksheet made by a learner! Also, a lot of Discovery learners got on the name tag board. In order to get onto the board, a learner has to do at least one of the most challenging projects they have ever done! Alternatively, they have to complete all of the projects in one category or one of everything in all of the categories!

In Writer's Workshop this week, some of Discovery finished while the half that didn’t keep working on Night Zoo Keeper! This is a platform that learners use to develop their creative writing skills. Everyone had a lot of fun writing about their animal creations!

Written By a Discovery Learner

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