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Discovery: Session 6, Week 3


I'm writing this from Makerspace Discovery! This week we did so many fun things! For quest this week, we did a short film quest! This was run by Ariel and Shelly.  Each learner was in a group, and wrote a script and then performed with props then the quest leaders choose three winners! The winners got a medal for first, second, and third place!  The learners had a great time writing, filming, and watching all of our videos.  It was a great quest.  We are looking forward to a new quest next week led by Jattia and Zoe!

For this week in memory book special, some learners finished their memory book. The memory book contains many cool things! Like papers about their favorite things, what makes you smile when you are sad, and your favorite times of the year! At the end when you have completed the memory book and written all the papers, you can add pictures and bind the pages together to make a book. 

For W.W. this week everyone moved forward with their projects! Some people were recording their songs and some people continued writing them! Another option was to write a newspaper, about anything that happened this year in discovery! Another option was to work in the Night Zookeeper platform where you write stories, collect animals, and make a bio for them! Another option was making a news channel showcasing anything in discovery! 

On Friday we are heading to Alpine and we are excited for our last day there for the year.

That's all folks bye!

Written by a Discovery learner

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