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Journey: Session 1, Week 1

Welcome back, Falcons! Our learners returned to the Acton Academy of Bergen County campus to begin their new adventures in the Journey studio. With only three days in the first week, the learners have already started the next steps of their hero's journey.

Our Journey studio is starting the session with a quest focused on building the tribe. They are working on filming a fantastic lip dub video which will be filmed and shared. The first scenes of the video were filmed at the park! The learners are creating studio contracts and working on their Hero Board which will be shared at the end of the session exhibition.

Genre is the subject where all our writing skills will develop, learn, and sharpen. We have already produced several papers this week, including talking about our hero and how our morning went. All learners have understood the writing process and the steps and properly critique someone else’s work.

Thursday afternoon, we had the introduction of DEAR. All learners got a chance to drop everything and read. Comfy on their bean bags, sofa, or carpet, they all got a chance to relax and read for thirty minutes. Pair that with our ten minutes per day meditation, and we all found focus and a calming approach to the work.

This week saw us come together as a studio playing name games, team-building exercises, and having fun. Combined with indoor and outdoor free time, we have started to get into the schedule and understand the routine better.

This year has so much in store for the learners, and we are all excited to see what next week will bring! We hope all families enjoy their weekend!

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