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Journey: Session 6, Week 4

Quest this week was packed with surprises! The Falcons learned about chemical equations and how to balance them. They used clay to create models and practiced their knowledge using online games.

On Wednesday, we had a field trip to Stern and Bow, a local restaurant, where we had the honor of meeting the head chef and exploring the world of professional cooking through her eyes. The Falcons saw how the kitchen operates, how pizza for 150 people is made every night and asked dozens of questions to learn more.

On Friday, the Falcons had a cooking workshop with Lital, certified wellness and nutrition coach and a chef. She talked to the Falcons about her hero’s journey in the healthy cooking world, and together they made healthy pancakes and spring rolls.

Our morning launch on Monday was about the dilemma of how much effort you should put into your training to work on a job you love. The Falcons saw this video and discussed the question:

Imagine your dream and passion is to be a sushi chef. Would you agree to work for the first two years in cleaning and deliveries, just to prove you are trustworthy? Yes, or No, and why?

The Falcons put a lot of effort into giving and getting critiques for Genre this week. They focused on word choice, trying to improve the descriptions in their writing.

For Civ on Thursday, the learners dove deep into the Suez canal. The main question they discussed was:

It is 1854, and you are Muhammad Said, the King of Egypt. You do not have the money or the technical ability to build the Suez Canal. The Europeans have requested a 99-year lease on the land and the rights to develop and operate the Suez Canal. Do you:

  • Accept the European proposal – knowing it would bring tremendous trade to Egypt but also likely lead to Egypt becoming a European colony, or

  • Deny the European proposal – to preserve Egyptian sovereignty but knowing that Egypt would never be able to build the canal on their own and miss out on tremendous trade opportunity


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