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Journey: Session 6, Week 5

For Quest this week, the Falcons created a mind map and an art piece about Sensory Science. We can not wait for you to see their beautiful products during the exhibition next week!

The Falcons had the option to choose between two extra Chemistry challenges or two unique challenges to celebrate the end of the year! The Falcons who chose the second option created a collage from pictures and a memory book with their favorite moments from the past year.

On Thursday, the learners started preparing for their big cook-off next week. Each squad will have two hours to cook their favorite dishes and film them in a 5-minutes video that will be shared during the exhibition.

On Wednesday’s launch, we had a cooking hero highlight about Clare Smith. One of the questions that led to a fascinating discussion was:

Imagine you are 16-year-old, Clare Smyth. After working at a local restaurant over the holidays, you are inspired to become a chef. However, there are no prominent restaurants or cooking schools nearby. Do you:

  • Leave school and your family to pursue your dream; or

  • Stay at home and finish school first?


How do you know when the right time to break your current path is?

For Genre, the learners compared their reviews to world-class models and made changes to improve their work. The final step is adding pictures to the study and then green-light them next week.

For Civ on Thursday, the learners learned about Lincoln’s Colonization Plan. One of the questions they debated was: Are there ever circumstances in which people of different races, ethnicities, or religions should not live together in the same political community?

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