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Journey: Session 6, Week 6

This week the Falcons worked hard to prepare for the exhibition and complete all their badges.

On Tuesday, the learners had the big cook-off challenge! Each squad chose two cook dishes and created videos documenting the prep process. Here is the link to the folder with their final products.

This week's Genre was all about finalizing the restaurant reviews. Learners made sure their reviews had all the necessary components, added pictures, and then had a final sharing to vote for the three best reviews that were shared in the exhibition. Ask your child to share their review with you. They worked very hard!

During Civ this week, the Falcons got to know Alexis de Tocqueville, an influential Frenchman who wrote Democracy in America. Tocqueville was a great lover of freedom who famously observed the optimistic spirit of America in the 19th century. Although he’s been dead for 200 years, Tocqueville’s words still hold significant meaning today. The main question the learners debated was:

You went back in a time machine to travel with Alexis de Tocqueville in 1841, and then the two of you were transported to America today. Would you and de Tocqueville say the American people and civilization have changed a little or a lot? Are the changes in society positive or negative changes? Include at least three examples to back up your position.

At the beginning of the week, all the Falcons set academic goals for the summer. We can not wait to hear how their plan worked out and see all of you next year.

Have a wonderful summer break!

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