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Journey: Session 1, Week 1

And we are back to school! Welcome everybody to session 1!

We started the year by playing a lot of fun team-building games. The Falcons enjoyed speed-dating, where they got to know each other better, playing Snake-oil and other fun and active games that helped them feel more comfortable with each other.

For Gerne, the project for the next ten days is for the learners to write their hero’s journey story and then record it on video. The learners started by describing their heroes and exploring their gifts and calling.

For Quest, the learners created their traditional hero’s board. They worked hard to create a poster that would represent their unique personality. The posters are hung in the hallway and will be shared with you during the exhibition at the end of the session.

On Friday afternoon, we started talking about building our tribe, and the learners had a fascinating discussion about the questions:

  • What is more important for the success of a tribe: its shared experiences or values?

  • Who is more important for the success of a tribe: the leader or its members?

We look forward to seeing everybody on Monday, starting to film the lip-dub, and creating the contract!

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