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Journey: Session 1, Week 3

The fall is officially here, and Journey Falcons are on full speed now!

On Monday, the Falcons started their Core skills time! They set weekly goals and tracked them on Friday. Most learners were working on finding their deep books for this session and wrote started writing their pitches to explain how the book they chose would support them on their hero’s journey.

This week we officially started our main Quest and Genre for this session: Being a conversationalist (Quest) and Being an Interviewer (Genre). Our morning launches were all about topics related to conversations. On Tuesday, we had an interesting dilemma:

Imagine you are the U.S. President, and you need to replace the ever-important position of Ambassador to China. Knowing conversation is an integral part of diplomacy, you have narrowed the selection pool to three choices, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. They are:

  • Beth Tomkins: a great conversationalist due to her professionalism. A hard-line patriot who is somehow intense and yet warm. She will not get a lot of laughs, but someone so impressive does not need them much.

  • John Miller: a great conversationalist due to empathy. His ability to put anyone at conversational ease through understanding perspective is so strong he could get a suspected criminal to confess.

  • Pamela Baker: a great conversationalist due to wit. She utilizes humor, metaphors, storytelling, and sheer speed of thought like a political Swiss-army knife.

Who is your choice for U.S. Ambassador to China, Beth, John, or Pamela? Why?

For Quest, the learners practiced a variety of conversations with each other and reflected on what worked well and what didn't. All the conversations were with other Journey Falcons, and they got to know each other better. One of their favorite challenges was to create a list of 10+ favorite old and middle English terms they wanted to use in a conversation. Ask your Falcon what new words they learned this week!

For Genre, the learners chose who will be the hero they will invite to the studio to interview. They researched about their hero and wrote them an invitation email. The interview-a-thon will take place in two weeks, and we can’t wait to see it unfold!

This week the learner had Civ for the first time this year! On Thursday, the Flaocns learners about Herry the VIII and debated the question: You are the young Henry Tudor who loves dancing, singing, and hunting. Your older brother Arthur is supposed to become king, but Arthur dies before he can even take the throne. When your father dies, you are crowned as the king, but you are only 17 years old. Do you:

  • Allow your advisors to make most of the decisions since you are young; or

  • Take the throne and all the responsibility that comes with it.


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