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Journey: Session 1, Week 4

Week 4 in the books! The learners had to dig in and focus on getting all their work done to an “excellent” standard.

We have now shifted to the second half of our quest, focusing on friendship. Learners had to develop a “friendship strategy” during Genre. Their writing gave them all a chance to express how they would implement this strategy moving forward.

Tuesday and Thursday gave us time to work on Civilization with two different topics: Life and Biology and Evolution and Darwin. After spending a half-hour on each topic, one learner would lead a fifteen-minute Socratic discussion about what they took away individually.

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go on a local exploration trip as a studio. We found ourselves in a new park with both a wood/ nature section and a baseball field. Learners took time exploring the woods, the creek, and the different species of trees. After a pleasant experience, the studio as a whole decided we would go back on Friday to revisit the park.

This week we had a great discussion on responsibility, self-reflection, and holding others accountable for the work they are contributing. Our Socratic discussion leads us to a very learner-driven conversation about studio life.

Next week will see us continue our Friendship Quest while preparing for the exhibition. We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

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