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Journey: Session 1, Week 4

On Monday afternoon launch, the Falcons had an exciting debate about eavesdropping. We started with this dilemma:

Imagine you are the owner of an ambitious downtown restaurant that opened three nights ago. You know that word-of-mouth is essential for a restaurant to flourish and that whatever shortcomings your restaurant may have must be addressed before a reputation forms. Do you eavesdrop on your customers’ tables, surely gaining candid insight into what is good and bad about your restaurant but also risking hearing private facts not intended for you?

We moved on to this dilemma:

Imagine you are in a movie theater. As the film is one you have eagerly awaited for months, you reserved the best seat in the house ahead of time. The problem is, someone else had a similar idea, so two seats to your right are someone who plans on using the 30-minute wait to talk to her best friend about a serious medical issue in great detail.

Do you move far away, keep your reserved seat, and be privy to the medical conversation?

And we ended up with the following question:

Would you agree or disagree that continuous eavesdropping is fair and ethical when you are being talked about?

It was fascinating to hear the learners’ different points of view and hear their arguments.

One of this week's favorite challenges was “Where to interject?”. The Falcons read a Harvard article on formal business interjection and then chose a contralesional topic for their squad to discuss. They researched for 30 minutes, built their arguments, and discussed with each other while practicing different interjections techniques. Ask your Falcons which topic they discussed!

For Genre, the Falcons secured a date for their interview and drafted the questions. Our interview-athon starts next week, and many exciting guests are joining us! We can’t wait to hear the learners interviewed and get inspired by their journey.

For Civ, the Falcons learned about Christopher Columbus and explored less-known facts about his hero’s journey. They had a great discussion around the questions:

It is an election year. You are the Governor of an American state that celebrates Columbus Day. Some argue Columbus tortured and killed natives, stole land, and was not a hero. Do you cancel the celebration of Columbus Day even though it might cost you your re-election and spoil the reputation of a man many believe is a hero, or Allow the celebration of Christopher Columbus to continue even though some object?


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